Powder coating process

Powder coating process is modern type of coating, where positive and negative part of sheet and powder coat are joined together on a specific procedure. Electricity is attracting powder coat on to a sheet metal, through all area so at the end after baking we have final product with evenly distributed coat.

Powder coating process:

1. Preparation

Prepration treatment where we remove all grease and extra material, as well as all mechanical inperfections.

2. Polimerisation

Heating process where temperature is taken to a level where powder is processed from coat to a liquid state and is is bonded with metal at high temperature.

3. Cooling

Process where powder is transfered from liquid to firm condition, heavily bonded to metal product.

4. Packing/delivery

Process of packing all products in order to prevent any possible damage in transport. We can also provide delivery option.

There are several types of finishes of product, here are some samples:

Sand structure

Half glossy


Rough structure


Special effects

Additional informations

The dimensions of metal surfaces that need to be plasticized can be from a few centimeters to 3 m in length and 350 kg in weight. We have a modern space for metal lamination, as well as two completely independent lamination lines. Our modern technology and plants allow us to plasticize small as well as large production batches in the same quality. Of course, it is possible to plasticize unique or prototype parts with short delivery time or by agreement and customer wishes. We also contract our services within the contract with a defined quantity, method of delivery, deadlines and other wishes of clients. We use state-of-the-art plasticization lines from Gema Switzerland GmbH as well as American Nordson devices.

The most common users of our services are:

Constructions - Steel and galvanized constructions, shelves, carpentry…

Auto industry - body, wheels, small metal parts

Agricultural machinery - trailers, attachments, various parts…

Industry - locksmith, constructions, lighting, signs, facade elements…

Metal furniture - shelves, racks, cabinets…

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