Metal lockers with lockable boxes


  • Metal lockers with lockable boxes are one of our best selling models, as they can offer maximum capacity of cabins within same dimensions comparing with standard lockers. Suitable to use in small locker rooms or where we need to achieve maximum number of cabins within same space.
  • can be manufactured in various combinations. Lockers are made of high quality steel, welded construction, and as aditional options you can choose various benches, slopped roofs, feets or aditional shelves inside each box.
  • Big advantage of theese lockers is that compared with standard lockers, you can fit more cabins in same locker, inside same dimensions. Therefore, they are very popular in locker rooms or facilities where we must achieve maximum capacity.

Technical details:

  • Welded construction, very strong and durable.
  • All doors are equipped with ventilation openings in top and bottom zone.
  • Sign name plate on each door
  • Optional aditional shelves
  • Hanging rod with hooks for hanging clothes and uniforms.
  • High quality hinges and locks (made in Germany).


As standard we are producing all lockers in light grey color but there is also an option to choose from various different colors as per RAL chart. Also, customer can choose combination of colors of doors and locker body.

Number of cabins:

  • 2
  • 4
  • 6
  • 8


Lockers are produced according to standards European norms: Height – 1800 mm Depth – 500 mm Width – 300,600,900 and 1200 mm


GK 2

GK 4

GK 6

GK 8


1800 mm

1800 mm

1800 mm

1800 mm


300 mm

600 mm

900 mm

1200 mm






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