Cupboards for drawings


  • Made for architects, project studios or construction companies, as well as libraries and museums – this cupboards have vide variety of use. Main purpose is storing of large plans and documents in A0 or A1 formats in drawers. Cupboards are made from metal, welded construction with 5 or 10 drawers.


  • Welded construction
  • Anti tilt mechanism prevents drawings for rolling up
  • High quality telescopic guide rails
  • Central locking mechanism
  • On each drawer sign name plate
  • Drawer can be equipped with dividers
  • Can be put on frame


Standard color light grey RAL 7035

Loading capacity:

45 Kg per drawer


  • Format A0: 435 x 1333 x 1000 mm
  • Format A1: 480 x 1200 x 780 mm / sa 5 fioka
  • Format A1: 970 x 1200 x 780 mm / sa 10 fioka

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