Clean dirty HACCP lockers


  • Metal locker made according with European norms for safely keeping work and civil clothes insisde each cabin. Locker is equipped with slopped roof, foots, shelves, and separate space for clean and dirty clothes.
  • Perfect for separating clothes and using in industries where hygiene is essential, clean and dirty lockers are available with a various choice of options.
  • This type of lockers are produced according with HACCP industrial standards, inside each canin there is a separate space for dirty and clean clothes. Lockers are made of high quality steel, welded and durable. As standard, all lockers are equipped with with feet and slopped roof. Under each shelf there is a divider which separates clean from dirty clothes.

Technical details:

  • Vertical barrier inside each cabin
  • Shelf at the top of each cabin
  • Hanging rod with hooks for safely keeping of clothes
  • Locker is equipped with feet
  • Slopped roof as a standard
  • All doors are equipped with ventilation openings in top and bottom zone.
  • Sign name plate on each door
  • Optional aditional shelves
  • Hanging rod with hooks for hanging clothes and uniforms.
  • High quality hinges and locks (made in Germany).


As standard we are producing all lockers in light grey color but there is also an option to choose from various different colors as per RAL chart. Also, customer can choose combination of colors of doors and locker body.


  • Benches with metal or wooden slats
  • Aditional shelves

Number of cabins:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

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