Grocery store units


  • If you need grocery shelves for your store there are several models we can offer. This models are made from steel tubes, wooden and plastic elements, with or without lighting.
  • Grocery store units ensure that fruits and vegetables are served regularly. Make your product offer more elegant and up-to-date with glazed seats that make it easy for customers to choose. Made from combination of steel tubes, steel tables, wooden elements, glass and lighting.
  • Elegant and modern design
  • Perforated uprights, easy installation
  • Modular shelves, can be installed in rows
  • Easy and quick insta llation
  • Combination of wood, metal and plastic


Powder coated in green color, or combination of colors


  • Lightbox (With or without lighting and brending)
  • Glass mirrors
  • Side closed or opened


2000x1000x600 or on customer demands.

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