Mezzanine floors and shelves


  • Mezzanine floors create additional space when we have a high warehouse, this systems can double or even triple surface area, increasing usable surface in height by one or two levels inside a warehouse
  • They are constructed as an independent structures, which are easy to assemble and adopt to any space. Wide options are available, as stairs, handrails, unloading docks and etc.
  • Additional space without expensive buling of new warehouse
  • Quick to install
  • Includes stairs, handrails, LED lighting, tilt gates ...
  • Possibility do subdivide space with aditional walls or wire fences.
  • Shelves can be made from metal, wood or chipboard.
  • Various dimensions possibilites, according to project demands.
  • Finish: System can be made from galvanised steel or powder coated in any color.

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